mercredi 10 octobre 2007

The Simpsons Part 1

The Simpsons famely were going to a quarter feast and they saw a goat in the farmer section.Back home, they began eating supper. When Lisa saw her plate, she imagined that she's had a goat in it. When she was in her course at school the day after, she had to disect a worm. She was not be able to do this. At the same time , her father organized a BBQ at theur housse. Lisa didn't like this idea because she didn't want anybody to eat meat. Finaly, Homer did is BBQ and Lisa was angry. She took the lawn tractor and pushed Homer's pig in a river. It was Homer's turn to be frustrated. Lisa went outside ans went to Abu's convenience store. Here, she ate a hot dog and said: «Now, is everybody happy!» Abu came to her and told her that it was a tofu hot dog ans he told her that he was a vegetarian. When Lisa started talking with Abu, she noticed that he ate cheese and a real vegetarian didin't eat any thing that came from an animal. After this, Lisa understood that she had to respect the choices of others. After this, she apologized to her father and then, they reconciliated.

mercredi 26 septembre 2007

Introduction to the Simpsons

The tv show that i decided to explain is The Simpons. This tv show is a representation of a typicall American famely. So first of all, i will describe to you the main caracter.The first one is supposed to be the reflection of a father. With his one none comprehension of the family responsibility, Homer is the most stupid guy. He always says the same word wich is "Doh!". Homer is a physically a big guy and he doesn't have hair. We can also say that he doesn't have any higher education, but with any matters he finds a job in a nuclear factory. Finally, Homer loves donnuts.Homer has a wife whose name is Marge. Marge is a house keeper. She runs all parts of the house. There are no others who can contest her authority. She keeps the family in the real world ans she also keeps the famely union.Bart is the son of Homer and Marge. He is a chaotic guy and a big rebelious one. He skateboards, he is inteligent when he has an interest for someting. He doesn't like authority.Lisa is the daugther of Homer and Marge. She's also the direct oposite of bart. She's a calm person who has interest in peace, the environement, intelect, justice and loyalty.Maggie is the youngest of the simpson family. She's quiet and can easily pass unnoticed. She is very smart for her age and she observe people of her circle ans learns from their mistakes.Finally in Springfield we can find all types of people. They also explore all taboos that we can speak or hear of in our society.